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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy at The Meridian Centre, Billesley (nr Moseley), Birmingham

Sound Therapy is a non- contact therapy that uses purely sound and not words. The treatment involves a combination of Tibetan bowls, voice and crystal bowls with grounding tools.

Sound therapy aims to support your physical state of being and may also support deeper levels of emotional and mental release, and on a spiritual level of awareness. Sound Therapy works with energy points, known as the eight chakras, which correspond with the main organs in your body for instance the heart, liver and digestive system and are also associated with glands such as the adrenals in the endocrine system. These energy points, allow the sounds to work directly with your body.

Sound therapy entrains the brain into a state where it can ‘switch off’ so the body may have ‘space’ start to heal itself on all levels. When the brain is in this state it is not receiving information that will detract from the healing process.

Sound therapy is, if nothing else, a very relaxing treatment. It may support eliminating stress, effects of sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, repetitive strain injury, blood pressure and many other conditions.

Sound Therapy has a client centred approach, offering different experiences for different people. No one experience will be the same and some may experience a soothing and very relaxed feeling whereas others may have something more intense. Some may have physical sensations and some may get images at random or from past events. Some may have an emotional experience whereas others may experience something very spiritual. It really depends on the person but things like this will usually come up if something needs to be dealt with and shifted.

What to expect

At the beginning of the session the sound therapist will take some details around your health and well being. all you share remains confidential.

The treatment starts off with the use of a diagnostic tool or chime which is used to detect the areas of imbalance in your body. It will be used three times on the chakra system and then twice around the auric field (the natural energy thought to surround the body). Once the areas of work needing treatment are established, a brief explanation of the connection for each chakra to be worked on will be given to you before the session begins.

The treatment will then go in four stages. To start with Himalayan bowl will be introduced to the ear three times. After that, a number of Himalayan bowls are used to massage the auric field and work on the specific chakras identified. The voice will be brought ingently and will gradually take over. Again, certain vowels are used that specifically relate to each of the chakras so the relevant ones will be used for a period of time before over toning is introduced. (Over toning is where a note is heard above the main note that is been toned).

After this section the crystal bowls are gently brought in and like the voice they will take over. Each crystal bowl relates to each chakra and so the relevant ones for the client will be used.

At the end of this a series of grounding tools will be used, starting with light tinkles that will gradually be brought into heaver, louder and faster sounds. These will also alter from abstract rhythms to ones with a regular beat. The reason for using the grounding tools is to bring the client back from deep relaxation to a state of awareness.

When this section has ended there will be another scan with the diagnostic tool that will indicate whether there has been an improvement. This will show up in the alteration of sound.

The purpose for the structure of the treatment is to filter out the more dynamic and colourful tones so that you end up with cleaner tones by the end of the treatment. The reason for this is to shift any blocked energy that is trapped in the body and chakras with tones that are more dynamic in range. Once shifted, they are then filtered out with sounds and tones that are finer.

If you would like more information and to make an appointment please call or visit the Meridian Centre.


Sound Therapy at The Meridian Centre, Billesley (near Moseley) Birmingham