The Meridian Centre


Reiki at The Meridian Centre, Billesley (nr Moseley), South Birmingham

Reiki is a simple and naturally powerful healing experience. It is a harmonising, balancing and healing process. It helps focus and clear you mind, cleans the body of toxins and generally provides relief from many emotional, mental and physical conditions. During the treatment you remain fully clothed.

Benefits: Inner peace and harmony coupled with deep relaxation and healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Seichim (Egyptian) Reiki

Seichim is said to be the parent of energy healing systems and this style has a higher feminine vibration focusing upon the heart centre promoting nurturing and unconditional love.

Seichim Reiki is like traditional Japanese Reiki, which uses an intuitive hands on (or off) approach to energise and stimulate natural healing on all levels. However, a Seichim Reiki treatment incorporates a number of different techniques to bodily areas requiring healing which are again intuitively used. The techniques which may be used include light tapping or stroking to improve blood circulation and gentle massaging or blowing to release stuck energies.

Those who have experienced traditional Japanese Reiki will undoubtedly recognise the difference in energies being channelled during a Seichim Reiki treatment. It is difficult to actually explain the difference between the energies, but from discussion with clients after a Seichim treatment they have agreed with my description, that Seichim energy is extremely intense but at the same time soft and gentle.

A Seichim Reiki treatment can be undertaken with or without the use of crystals and like traditional Reiki it is not invasive, diagnostic or a manipulative treatment.


Reiki at Billesley nr Moseley South Birmingham with the Merdian Centre