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Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy at The Meridian Centre, Billesley (nr Moseley), South Birmingham

Regression Therapy is aimed at going to the root of an issue that affects you now, wherever that may be. This may take you to childhood, before the time of your birth or very often into a past life. Energetic patterns that have been created through the course of a soul’s journey can be addressed in these sessions so that unresolved charges are dissolved. This allows you to move forward in your life rather than simply reacting to those unconscious patterns that can influence present day thoughts and feelings. The therapy can help you to address issues that may be in your life such as loss of meaning or purpose, inexplicable fears, depression without a clear cause, unexplainable guilt, shame, anger, anxiety or other negative emotions, psychosomatic problems and relationship problems. Regression Therapy can also reactivate positive feelings, forgotten positive experiences, dormant talents and spiritual experiences are very common.

A Regression Therapy session can include a variety of techniques such as hypnotherapy, visual/mental/ emotional /physical bridges, crystal therapy, dowsing, aura exploration, body scans, personification, Gestalt, psycho-drama, body therapy, transpersonal therapy, inner child work, core issue transformation, integration techniques, releasing foreign or intrusive energy, soul retrieval and future life pacing.

Past Life Regression is an aspect of Regression Therapy that focusses on experiences within one or more previous incarnations. The session can be focussed on finding insight and healing for a current life issue or simply for curiosity.

Life Between Lives Regression focusses on the experience of the soul when it is not in a physical life. A session lasts up to four hours and can include a past life, meeting and reviewing that life with spirit guides, resolving issues from that life, meeting soul group members, addressing current and past life issues along with a ‘council of elders’, revisiting the time when you chose your present life, investigating other activities when not in a physical body and exploring other outstanding life issues.

For any of these therapies, you are asked to lie down, shut your eyes and allow yourself to be open to your own experience. You will (unconsciously) be in charge of your journey, the therapist helps you to navigate. Sessions tend to be highly fluid, varying from one person to another and one session to another, focussing in the specific areas that come up for each person.


Regression Therapy Moseley South Birmingham with the Merdian Centre