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Friday Drop In Acupuncture Has Changed

At The Meridian Centre we are keen to make access to Complementary Therapies more available to all. As part of this mission, and with our desire to increase the choice in Complementary Therapies available in the area, we have regular Acupuncture Therapists Treatments available by appointment on a Friday until 7.00pm

Text or phone Annie on 07981 780698 or Dean on 07739931988.

The cost for a treatment is £40 with concessions available for Senior Citizens, those age 18 years old or under, and those with a low income.

Acupuncture works towards supporting a persons well being in many ways and can assist many conditions. The Acupuncturists running the Clinc are Ann Redfearn and Dean Clarke.

Ann is very keen on areas effecting women's health and. Ann has found acupuncture to be a very effective treatment for problems relating to infertility and menstruation, such as PMS, and for women experiencing menopausal symptoms. Ann's post graduation training means that she has experience in working with Facial Enhancement - a form of cosmetic acupuncture.

Dean has worked with many Health Professionals such as Rosemary Conley, who is a leading expert in the field of supporting weight loss. Linking the two fields together, Dean's area of specialism is working with acupuncture to support people with concerns around weight loss. Research evidence shows Acupuncture has been found to assist the body's metabolic rate and digestive system.

In addition, both Acupuncturists have a wealth of experience and use acupuncture in the treatment of many painful conditions such as back ache, migraine, headaches and pain that accompanies many musculoskeletal conditions.

Aside from their specialist areas of interest, working together, Ann and Dean make a friendly, approachable, well equipped team, able to assist with many common conditions Acupuncture is known to support. For instance; Arthritis, back pain, migraine and headaches, anxiety and depression, addiction, living with stress etc. For more information on acupuncture, please visit the Counselling and Therapies Page or drop in on Fridays for an informal chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Ann and Dean will be happy to answer any questions you may have.




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