The Meridian Centre
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Our Therapists

At The Meridian Centre, based in Billesley (near Moseley), South Birmingham we have a number of practitioners using our centre with a great range of expertise and experience. All of the practitioners using the centre are independent, self employed therapists who run their own practices whilst hiring rooms at The Meridian Centre. Below we've provided a brief introduction to everyone that makes up the team.

Sue Cartwright - spiritual Counselling and Mentoring (Personal Centred and Gestalt) for individuals and couples. Crystal Therapy Healing Reiki Treatments (Japanese, Egyptian Seichim, Angel and Reiki Drum Techniques) Hopi Ear Candling (Thermo Auricular Therapy)

Member of : ACHO (Affilliation of Crystal Healing Organisations) Raiki Federation (UK)

Sue was drawn into counselling whilst working in Childrens services for many years and worked in Private practice at a local NHS Health Centre. Whilst continuing to work for local government and also as a counsellor, Sue started her journey into energy healing, qualifying as a Reiki Practitioner and then choosing the medium of crystals to further this interest in healing.

Sue finally left Childrens’ services in 2009 to concentrate on providing her expertise as a therapist, deepen her own awareness through further study and the valuable experience she has gains from working with her clients. Whilst Gestalt Counselling/Psychotherapy can be quite creative in its approach Sue recognises that there is no “one fits all “ therapy and not everyone is able to cope with talking therapies.

Sue provides her clients with a flexible and individualised therapy tailored around your needs and preferences to incorporate energy based therapies, visualisation and meditation, affirmation or mantra work or perhaps some goal setting alongside that of Spiritual Counselling.

Through combining various therapies, painful and emotional experiences which may be too difficult to express in the initial stages can be eased and steady progress can be made which will have an impact on you physically., mentally and spiritually. Energy therapies are also especially supportive for individuals with mental health or rehabilitation from drug/alcohol addiction which sue has a particular interest in.

Dawn Duckmanton - Person Centred and Gestalt Counselling

Member of : BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

I am a qualified Counsellor with over thirteen years experience working with adults within the Community. I genuinely care about people and feel at times we can all struggle to make sense of what we are going through and need some help and support. My aim in our counselling relationship is for it to feel warm, understanding, supportive and sometimes challenging. It would be a safe and confidential place to feel accepted and valued. In this space we will work together to explore your issues, re-build self confidence and self worth to enable you to take responsibility for your own choices and positive changes within your life.

I offer individual counselling for adults of any age either on a limited or open ended arrangement. I also offer counselling for couples.

Sometimes people find it difficult or uncomfortable to try to put their feelings into words so we can work with creative methods and materials to help you to access and express your feelings if necessary.

I am an Integrative Counsellor which enables me to be more flexible with an individuals needs and some of the reasons why people come to see me include: Relationship problems, Stress/anxiety, Child hood issues, Relationship breakups, Bereavement Work, Related Issues, Low Self Esteem, Suicidal Thoughts, Major life changes, Abuse.

David Graham - Regression Therapy, Past life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Reiki

Member of : PLRA (Past Life Regression Academy), SRTA (Spiritual Regression Therapists Association), EARTh (European Association of Regression Therapists), GHR (General Hypnotherapist's Register)

After training as a Hypnotherapist, David was drawn to working with people in a therapeutic way through ‘past life regression’. Following further specialist training as a Regression Therapist, he is constantly amazed at the lasting difference and insights it offers to those experiencing this therapy. David aims regression therapy at the root of the issue wherever that may be. There is a wide range of issues that can be helped, from long standing depression, phobias, emotional issues, relationships, life purpose, spiritual development and more. It can induce a deep level of healing at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual planes.

He offers hypnotherapy to help people overcome issues such as low confidence, self esteem, unwanted habits and more which impair the way in which they wish to lead their life.

David also runs ‘past life regression’ workshops which are particularly appropriate for those interested in personal and spiritual development.

Carolina King BA (Hons), CPPD Nut.Med, Dip CNM, MBANT, CNHCreg

Member of : Full member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy, registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

My passion for food and nutrition stems from the influence of my Spanish mother where nutritious home cooked food was always of huge importance within the family environment. My fascination for healthy living was also influenced by my late grandfather who was a GP and my mother a nurse, both with a great respect for naturopathic principles. Combining these passions, along with cooking, led me to study Naturopathic Nutrition and gain my Diploma at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. Since qualifying and running my own private practice, I have worked at a cancer support centre providing clients with dietary advice, and have also hosted engaging presentations and cookery workshops for children in schools around the country, to show them the benefit of healthy eating.

Judith Harris – Integrative Counselling for Individuals and Couples

Member of : BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

We all have struggles in life, but reaching out for support can be difficult - we can often feel that our problems are too big, or too small, or that nothing can help. Sometimes we recognise that we need to do things differently, but don't know what that might be. Other times we just need someone to listen, and be there while we work out who we are and what we want from life. These issues and questions can apply to us both as individuals and as partners in relationships, and so I work with both individuals and couples to help untangle the issues that life can throw at us.

I am an integrative counsellor, and so I draw on a range of approaches to ensure that our work together is tailored to you and your circumstances, whatever they are, and whether that's working with you as an individual or as a couple. I also have experience working with those with a clinical diagnosis, and who want to look at different ways of understanding and managing their mental health.

My aim is to provide you with a safe space to work through any issues you may have, to help you navigate through tough times, and shed some light on life's trickier questions. This is your journey, and I look forward to accompanying you on it.

Janet Heath HEATH LCMDip, CCA.TUINA (Beijing), ITEC, TUINA - Sports & Remedial Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Tuina (Chinese Massage), Feldenkrais Teacher

Member of : BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Janet Heath (who also practices as Janet Thomas) initially trained at the London College of Massage and started up her massage practice at the Birmingham Centre for Chinese Medicine (BCCM) in 1996.  After 8 years at the BCCM she decided to strike out on her own, founding the Bodymind Clinic in Moseley together with her son Bobby, a sports therapist. This successful venture concluded with Bobby returning to Bury to run his own successful practice; Janet continued to work with a strong client base in and around Moseley and Kings Heath, with most of her new clients coming via referrals from existing clients. Janet is now re-established at the The Meridian Centre and says "it feels like coming home!"

Janet's passion for travel and all things Eastern probably began in the late 1960s, influenced heavily by the books of Herman Hesse, the "hippy" culture and hearing the Hare Krishna song throughout the streets of London where she was born. A former personal assistant and secretary, Janet spent 5 years living in the Middle East in the 1980s. This fuelled her desire to travel more widely and to choose a different and more rewarding career for herself once her four children had grown up.

Janet's work-focus has always been on the connection between mind and body, and throughout the years she continued to add to her skills. She qualified in Tuina (Chinese Massage) in the UK and then spent a month at a Chinese teaching hospital in Beijing to learn how Tuina is used in China. She has also gained diplomas in Qi Gong, hypnotherapy and NLP as part of her extensive training. Over the last 4 years Janet has qualified in The Feldenkrais Method (founded by Moshe Feldenkrais 1900-1984). Janet believes this to be the closest to a true "Mind/Body discipline" that she has encountered. Janet is a full member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK.

With her sound knowledge and 18 years experience of mind, muscles and movement Janet's treatments incorporate the very best of all she has learned, with every session tailored specifically for the client. Passionate about bodywork, she believes that as well as relieving pain and improving agility, it can help resolve some of the mental and emotional pressures of modern life. As well as providing treatments, Janet also teaches classes and workshops in Qi Gong and The Feldenkrais Method.

Janet's passion for travel continues, particularly to the Far East and Middle East, and she continues to visit these regions whenever possible. More recently, Janet has re-discovered her love of swimming and is currently swimming a mile on each visit. She is also re-reading the works of Herman Hesse and, having developed a love for the sound of Arabic, is spending some time trying to learn a little of this somewhat difficult language

Hannah Leach - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Member of : Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), Past Life Therapist's Association (PLTA).

Hannah qualified in 2006 from Central England College of Clinical Hypnosis, where she learned a very versatile mix of techniques, including Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), cognitive therapy and EFT (emotional freedom technique).

Hannah is known for her relaxed, informal approach. She does not believe that what works for one person will work just as well for another - often the most effective hypnotherapy involves client and therapist collaborating to find the best way of resolving an issue.

It is safe to use hypnosis and/or regression alongside any other care you may be getting, such as counselling, CBT, or medication from your GP.

Hannah has a particular interest in regression therapy, Past Life Regression, and Inner Child healing.

Some of the other issues she works with are anxiety, confidence and self-image, relationships, stress, weight loss and smoking cessation, depression, eating disorders, phobias.

Julie Anne Linton - Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Tutor and Assessor.

Member of: MTI (Massage Training Institute), ISRM (Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage), FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapist) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)

"Once, I watched a physiotherapist use massage during a treatment and was suitably impressed with the results. Being of a curious nature, I had to find out more. After taking a basic massage course in 2004 at a local college, I was well and truly hooked. There had to be more to learn I was sure - indeed there was and still is!

After taking my first Sports Massage Diploma came a 'chance' meeting with Lorraine, a person as passionate about massage as myself. I signed up for the Professional Diploma in Holistic Massage. It presented me with a real big learning curve about 'human being' and 'being human'. The opportunity to develop technically as a practitioner (integrating methods from previous training) and self-development which enhances therapeutic relationships. The journey of self development continues as a tutor and assessor with Meridian - with the opportunity to learn so much from our students, while facilitating the development of their own personal massage practitioner skills."

Julie combines her massage and body work skills, and aims to deliver treatmentsessions, that work with the individual to meet their existing needs - fromsudden to long term soft tissue injury, to emotional well being such as stressor bereavement.

Kathryn McNeill - Zero Balancing Technique

Member of: Zero Balancing Association UK

Kathryn is a certified Zero Balancer and massage therapist. She trained as a practitioner after receiving zero balancing sessions over a number of years, having experienced it as a transformative and deeply supportive form of therapy. All certified zero balancers are already qualified practitioners. The certification process and regular continued professional development ensures that all zero balancing practitioners work to a very high standard.

Zero balancing can address a wide range of physical and emotional issues. Kathryn has experience of working with people with shoulder and neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica and arthritis. She has also used zero balancing to support people with making life changes and to help navigate through stressful life situations, including bereavement.

Kathryn has also been training in tai chi and martial arts for the last fifteen years, giving her an experiential understanding of the body’s structure and mechanics, and developing the ability to listen to another person’s body through touch.

‘I’ve found that working on the body not only provides us with a greater degree of physical comfort and assurance, but is an effective way of changing thought patterns and behaviour, allowing us to become freer within ourselves and to realise our potential more fully. I believe that finding peace and happiness through life’s changes is a lifelong process and that we can all benefit from support along the way’.

Dr. Jackie Nicholls D.Clin Psy, MSc (Systemic & Family Therapy), BSc (Hons): Psychology - EMDR Therapist

Member of : BPS (British Psychological Society); HPC (Health Professions Council)

Jackie offers EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation & Reprocessing) therapy for people experiencing adverse effects of psychological trauma. EMDR is a particularly effective approach for activating an inherent (neuro-biological) healing mechanism; which releases blocked memories, resolves related issues and transforms traumatic reactions. This is also a holistic approach aiming to address problems at an emotional, cognitive, and physical level.

EMDR is currently regarded as a well researched 'treatment of choice' for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, according to 'Nice Guidelines' (National Institute for Clinical Excellence, 2005 ) and aims to address a wide range of issues including: post-traumatic stress disorder associated with accidents resulting in physical injury; physical and sexual abuse; bullying & harassment; unresolved grief; phobias; eating disorders and relationship difficulties. EMDR can also be used to enhance performance in professional / academic and sporting domains.

Jackie is a warm and compassionate therapist, who aims to accommodate the needs and preferences of her clients. As a systemic practitioner, she is also sensitive to issues regarding gender, ethnicity, culture and sexual orientation. Jackie has worked as a Clinical Psychologist within an NHS Adult Mental Health Service for the past 13 years and is currently working in a Specialist Eating Disorder Service.

Sharon Pick BSc (Hons), LHC, MARHt - Homeopath

Member of : Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Sharon has always been fascinated by the benefits of complementary medicine leading her to study Homeopathy. Before qualifying as a Homeopath, Sharon worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry, giving her an understanding of the role of conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is a safe and gentle form of medicine enabling Sharon to work with people of all ages, providing a practical approach to help those suffering with physical and/or emotional issues. Consultations are relaxed and informal giving the client the space and time they need to discuss their ailments and resolve their issues.

Sharon also enjoys running Homeopathy First Aid courses enabling her to share her passion and enthusiasm for Homeopathy with others and to see them gain confidence in treating minor ailments at home.

In addition to seeing private clients, Sharon also works with BirMAH as a volunteer at a homeopathy clinic at one of the projects run by St Basil’s and writes articles for Raring to Go magazine.

Kathryn Smith MSc Person-Centred & Experiential Counselling and Psychotherapy

Member of : UKCP Registered Member

started my training in 2011, embarking on a 4-year part time post graduate course at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute. This involved academic, experiential and clinical requirements culminating in registration with the UKCP.

I qualified as a social worker in 1996 and have worked in a variety of settings with adults experiencing a variety of mental and physical health problems and their carers. I have an interest in grief, including the experience of loss and change more broadly, particularly the ways in which we respond and adjust to life events. During my counselling training I volunteered at a hospice providing counselling to those diagnosed with life limiting illness, to significant people in their lives and those who had been bereaved. As a volunteer with a counselling charity I work with individuals who are referred by health professionals or who self refer as they are struggling to get by day to day. This generally involves the experience of a range of feelings and thoughts that are distressing or unsettling. They represent a disruption to the way in which we think, behave and feel about ourselves and relationships with others.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to work out what is happening or to understand what we are feeling. Talking with someone independent in a confidential setting provides a space for us to explore our experiences and to find ways of responding that are right for us in our particular circumstances. As a person-centred and experiential psychotherapist, I consider it important to enable you to choose what to talk about. I believe we can all work out what is important for us at any given time. I often think of my role as helping you to hear and see yourself more clearly. I will do my best to listen; working with you to create an environment that supports you in learning more about yourself and the possibilities for change. At times, I may share my observations on aspects of our work together. I may disclose striking or persistent thoughts and feelings to see whether and how these may be relevant I may invite you to notice the way in which thoughts and feelings present themselves. I do this to support your involvement in the therapy together with your right to choose how we proceed.