The Meridian Centre

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy at The Meridian Centre, Billesley (nr Moseley), South Birmingham

What is Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is an ancient healing process which is gentle but powerful aligning both the physical and emotional elements by clearing, re-aligning and energising the chakras (energy centres). Each chakra relates to different functions of the mind and body and also to specific colours, crystals and gemstones. Crystal Therapy acts upon energy vibrations which amplify and focus the natural energies on all levels - mind, body and spirit restoring natural rhythms.

Many diseases are actually a state of dis-ease and this can be be because of a combination of imbalances that surface and make themselves known at a physical level within the physical body. these imbalances can also surface at the emotional level manifesting in behavioural responses like anger, irritation and violence. On a spiritual level this can affect mental balance and memory. Crystals work on all levels at once assisting the body's natural healing.

The vibrations and energies of our earth have been in the process of changing to a new frequency for some time. Subsequently there is a need now more than ever for natural and spiritual treatments that harness the universal energies, to support and restore healing on all levels.

What to expect form a Crystal Therapy Session

A treatment is undertaken with the person being fully clothed, either seated or lying on a couch whilst a variety of basic and more specifically individualised techniques are conducted using crystal on and around the body.
The experience can be a flow of energy, warnth or coolness; sensations of tingling, pulsating or a breeze. Everyone experiences something different but overall the experience is comforting, relaxing, calming but energising. Often it can be quite insightful clearing away what is not longer needed or wanted, making way for a more productive and inspiring future.


Crystal Therapy Moseley South Birmingham with the Merdian Centre