The Meridian Centre
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Counselling CPD

Counselling CPD at The Meridian Centre, Billesley (nr Moseley), South Birmingham

Each CPD day is £70 which includes lunch. There are limited places on each training day, so reserve a place as early as possible by e-mailing Lucy here or phoning us on 0121 441 1900.

Working therapeutically with survivors of sexual abuse - Wednesday 28th February

Trainer: Becky Willetts. Becky is a graduate in psychology and a senior social worker who specialises in therapeutic social work. She is an experienced trainer for the Rape and Sexual Violence Project in Birmingham and also has experience as a foster carer.


Mindfulness in Counselling - Saturday April 23rd

Trainer: Richard Dawkins. Richard has been teaching mindfulness for 10 years having completed an MSc in mindfulness based practice from the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre. He is a trainer for Breathworks and a former honorary therapist for Solihull and Birmingham Mental Health Trust. He has undertaken research in mindfulness and its effective use with MS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Training: This workshop will teach a range of mindfulness techniques, learning about the application of meditation, yoga and breathing principles in client work. The training will help counsellors understand a mindfulness approach in relation to helping clients become more aware of thoughts and feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them. Learning to live in the moment and draw on inner wisdom as well as learning mental health first aid based on mindfulness will all be incorporated.


Effectively reducing anxiety and stress in clients - Saturday 23rd June

Trainer: Rob Buckle. Rob is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, one of just a relative handful in the world and works full time at Solihull Holistic Health. He is an experienced trainer, frequently running empowerment workshops and is a former adult education teacher.

Training: This training will look at how to encourage clients to take on new behavioural patterns looking at the resources in the sub-conscious mind. Focusing on removing the psychological blocks to fear, the training will also practically equip you will a number of excellent strategies and interventions to support emotional regulation in clients.


Understanding and working therapeutically with autism - Sunday 23rd September

Trainer: Sara Walton. Sara is an accredited play therapist, primary school teacher and autism specialist. Sara has conducted research into counsellors’ attitudes working with clients who have Asperpers syndrome. She is a former area manager for the autism team with Birmingham City Council and is a trustee for the children’s charity Beyond the Horizon.

Training: This training will look in detail at how autism presents in the counselling room and how to practically work with it. It will explore why autistic clients might seek counselling and help you to have a fuller understanding of autistic states of mind. Within this the training will address clients’ emotional and sensory needs and how counselling might be able to meet them.


An introduction to Art psychotherapy - Sunday 28th October

Trainer: Laura Chaisty. Laura is an art psychotherapist who has worked in the adult mental health sector as an arts psychotherapist for 17 years. Laura currently works for a specialist psychotherapy service.

Training:  This one day workshop will put image making at the centre of exploration of self-alongside providing an experiential introduction to this field of practise. It will explore using art to understanding psychological blocks and patterns as well as making a significant record of internal and inter-relational processes. Looking deeper into the unconscious through images, the participant will learn how to use this medium to access the client's inner world.




Counselling CPD Moseley South Birmingham with the Merdian Centre